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At Ensphere we provide Business Continuity solutions to ensure your business is always covered when the unexpected happens.  Businesses are becoming more reliant on technology and if your business can’t survive without the use of computer systems, then you need to be considering a Business Continuity strategy.  Losing any form of data or downtime can prove costly and cause unnecessary stress, and even have detrimental effects on your business.

We’ve helped many businesses secure their infrastructure and data, keeping your business connected whatever happens.

Cloud Services

Cloud environments have grown exponentially over recent years and this is no surprise due to data volumes growing.

But first, what is the Cloud? It’s simple really, it’s the process in which your IT services, data and applications are accessed and stored through a remote location, and this is then accessed by you via an internet connection.

Ensphere, can help your business make use of the many different solutions provided in the Cloud.  Using Cloud in your business will allow you to become more flexible and accessible.  If you have employees that need to access data on the go, then a Cloud hosting solution may help increase process and productivity.  The great thing about Cloud is that it’s flexible, with unlimited data, so you don’t have to worry about expensive hardware going out of date, instead you have a tailored solution that can grow with your business.

Moving your data off premise and into the cloud can often be a daunting experience and the security of your solution comes into question.  We understand your fears at Ensphere and we have a variety of options available to your business: from IaaS through to hosted e-mails.  There are so many options available for your business and we understand that not every business operates in the same way.  Get in touch so we can learn how your business operates, so we can help you in the best way possible.