Infrastructure & Hosting

World data volumes to grow 40% per year and 50 times by 2020.  Is your infrastructure able to cope with the demands of the future?

With technology demands at a high, the importance of a robust infrastructure has never been more important. It’s essential that your IT infrastructure is able to cope with the expectations and demands of today’s digital world.

At Ensphere, we understand the importance of speed and mobility within your infrastructure. That’s why our engineers focus on creating and maintaining an Infrastructure that can cope with today’s demands but is a flexible future proof model, ensuring that you can access data and applications and can collaborate at higher levels than ever before.

We work with leading vendors guaranteeing that whichever solution you decide to deploy it will be in the hands of not just professionals, but the leading vendors in the IT sector, allowing maximised efficiency and productivity.

We can offer an end to end service providing you with support and advice on networking, infrastructure through to co-location and hosting.  There are many different ways of hosting data and if you’re not ready to move all of your data off site maybe a co-location option would suit your business.

Looking to co-locate?

Co-location has huge benefits with low costs, you have the ability to scale up and down depending on your current company business requirements. You can reduce your costs whilst maintaining a high level of power. Ensphere can provide you with a with the satisfaction of knowing your data is secure.  Call our team today.

Looking to virtualise your desktops?

At Ensphere, we can help you optimise your desktop management and reduce budgets.

Using state of the art technology, we make desktop virtualisation easy.

Simple to use and maintain

  • Fast deployment, installation and update
  • Single management console and easy to use
  • Predefined end-to-end solutions integrated infrastructure (including appliances), desktop virtualisation and thin clients

Flexible and scalable

  • Flexible delivery options: VDI, shared sessions or remote applications
  • Simple to deploy and scalable from five to several thousands of users
  • Access from any devices

High performance

  • Enjoy a rich user experience
  • Unified communication compatible

Cost effective

  • Highest user density: deploy up to 500 users per server
  • Storage optimisation

Want to find out more?

Do you have a business continuity plan in place?

With businesses more reliant on technology than ever before, it is imperative that your IT infrastructure and data are resilient and secure, enabling your business to continue to operate in a secure and stable manner; whatever challenges you face.

The volume of data that businesses are now expected to manage makes it difficult to develop effective data backup and recovery strategies. Stricter governance means that even small businesses must regularly back up terrabytes of information – no small task for the most technically minded business owner.  Speak to us and find out how we can help your business.

Your infrastructure needs to be flexible, stable and able to cope with the demands of today’s digital world now, tomorrow and in the future.

The experience of our engineer’s means creating or moving your infrastructure solution, is no hassle.

Possessing the right tools for storing, processing and analysing your data is crucial.  We can help you future proof your business today against the big data of tomorrow.  Contact us today and arrange a free healthcheck of your infrastructure.