Meet the Team: Mark Eastham, Software Developer

What do you do at Ensphere?

I am the Sage 200 developer at Ensphere which takes up the majority of my time, however I also do other bespoke development, systems analysis & design along with development documentation too which personalises our customers systems.

How long have you been at Ensphere?

I worked with Wayne pre-Ensphere so I am part of the furniture now it seems! 7 years and still no itch!

What was your first day like?

Hectic! Head first into a “must do now” Sage 200 integration. In need of a drink, I decided on a Coke out of the fridge, opened it and it promptly frothed and exploded all over the BRAND NEW absorbent ceiling tiles, fridge and electrics! So to say I made an entrance is an understatement!

What is your secret power?

I am definitely the office clown! I have the ability to make people laugh every day, (knowing and unknowingly sometimes!) I have been told that the workplace would be a dull place without my daily escapades and “Markisms”!

What is your proudest work boast?

I don’t like to “toot my own horn” so as long as a job is done and well done then that’s enough for me. I am a perfectionist and tend to go above and beyond on everything that I take on.

We have some exceptional customers who I go to the ends of the earth for, they appreciate it and in return they do the same. Therefore the relationships and friendships that I have gained from my job over the years is the best feeling to have!

Likes and Dislikes.

Likes: Thunderstorms, pristine white button collar shirts, thank-yous.

Dislikes: Being so clumsy, tomatoes (Big time!) Z-list Celebs.