Meet the Team: Sarah Draper, Support Manager

What do you do at Ensphere?

I am the Support Manager, myself and the team take calls from our customers and help them with any issues that they are having with their software.

How long have you been at Ensphere?

I have been part of the Ensphere family now for over 7 years.

What was your first day like?

I had already worked with the Ensphere team at MIH/TSP and BDE, so I already felt like part of the family.  I also knew most of the Support customers so it was lovely getting to catch up with them. The only daunting part was learning the Support ticketing software and remembering how many sugars people took in their tea!

What is your secret power?

Is to try and make people smile – whether it’s giving them a big hug or a slice of cake!  I also have a knack of remember the Sage System keys.

What is your proudest work boast?

It is the fact that I managed to pass the Sage Product Professional exam first time, after a gruelling 12 week boot camp and 2 day exam!  I had only been working for MIH for just under 12 months when I started the course so didn’t have that much experience of the Sage product.

Likes and Dislikes.

Likes: Baking, rock music, animals and Tom Hardy

Dislikes: Coconut Macaroons, Madness (the group) and the M62!