Meet the Team: Sarah McCormick – Customer Care Manager

What do you do at Ensphere?

I am the Customer Care Manager, myself and the team take and make calls to our customers and help them with any issues that they are having. We are the orchestrator’s of Ensphere in a way, directing the right departments and people to the right job!  We keep ahead of the latest updates within their software and advise them accordingly. We are pivotal to supporting the Sales function within the business, providing quotes and renewals and maintaining client’s contracts.

How long have you been at Ensphere?

I have been part of Ensphere now for over three years, I had been working within the banking industry for 14 years previously so computer software was a totally new branch for me.

What was your first day like?

On my first day I was taken straight into training. Our MD Wayne came in midway through and randomly took over drawing diagrams and pictures everywhere, much to the bemusement of the trainer! (But my amusement) This totally broke the ice for us. He is a great boss to work for still to this day! (He paid me to write that!)

What is your secret power?

Is my gut instinct and reading people– I have the ability to make people feel comfortable and welcome in any walk of life in any situation! Really! It’s a natural skill that I have had since childhood, bob over to the office and give it a go?

What is your proudest work boast?

Is the fact that I came over to Ensphere from a finance and banking background, and as far as I knew Sage was a herb you used in cooking! Since joining Ensphere I feel that the knowledge and experience that I have gained within this business is immense!

Who knew that from my humble beginnings here, that I would be holding my own seminars, training sessions and even demos for our customers!

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Crumpets, Dave Grohl, and the smell of petrol!

Dislikes: Clowns, steep uphill walking, and ketchup on fried eggs.