Meet the Team: Wayne Nolan – Managing Director

What do you do at Ensphere?

I am Ensphere’s Managing Director, although most who know me would argue that I wear many hats within the company! I still enjoy good old consultancy work and going out on site to still have the contact and the banter with my customers! I am a firm believer that being a leader rather than a boss is the key to positive company culture.

How long have you been at Ensphere?

Well, the business was initially my brain child which myself and my wife set up in our garage over 10 years ago, from there we have gone from strength to strength with an amazing handpicked team, which I am proud to say is the backbone of Ensphere.

What was your first day like?

My first day as Ensphere Consulting Limited was spent stuck on the M6 going South (like any normal day!) But seriously, I was onsite working hard like most consultants to give the customer what they required, the difference on this day being that I had to think about the other 4 consultants that were now under my wing! Scary stuff!

What is your secret power?

I have been told that it’s my ability to make people around me feel comfortable and calm in a stressful situation.  I can also listen to a problem and provide a solution on the fly!

What is your proudest work boast?

From past to present there is so much that I have achieved within Ensphere that I never dreamt would be possible, yet every obstacle that has been presented to me I am really proud to say I have overcome, with hard work, a positive “never give up” attitude and of course my super strong team!

Likes and Dislikes.

Likes: Football, Table Tennis, Chocolate and Weekends Dislikes: Olives, Tardiness, slow drivers.