Meet the Team: Andrew Logan, Sage X3 Consultant

What do you do at Ensphere?

I am a Junior Business Consultant working with the Sage X3 system.  I work closely with our consultant team to configure our customers X3 system, specific to their business needs.  I also oversee SEI and EDM installations and provide support, and training to our end users, so they are confident and comfortable using their system.

How long have you been at Ensphere?

A couple of months shy of 2 years.  Only now that I think about it, do I realise just how fast it has gone.

What was your first day like?

My first few months were spent with our amazing support team.  Learning the support systems, getting to know our existing customer base and the rest of the Ensphere family.  First day highlight for me, was definitely eating the first of many homemade cupcakes made by our very own Sarah Draper….. Unbelievable.  Obviously apart from loving my job, the cakes are the main reason I come into the office every day.

What is your secret power?

I am always smiling and try not to do stress.  We deal with people and systems, what’s the worst that can happen………………………Did someone say system down?

What is your proudest work boast?

Until recently it was being the youngest in the office but Ezra now wears that crown.  On a serious note though, I am proud of how much knowledge I have gained, in the relatively short time I have been in the industry. I put a lot of that down to the help, support and guidance from the rest of the Ensphere team.  Thanks Guys!

Likes and Dislikes.

Likes: Sunshine, Family time, Bacon Butties and video games Dislikes: Traffic, Warm Beer, “fine” rain and getting up early at weekends.