Sage 200 Extra – Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials is ideal for businesses involved in light manufacturing assembly.

It can help break down complex processes and can split your business up into distinct sectors with the ability to report by area.

With Sage 200 Extra Bill of Materials you can:

  • Store and use multiple versions of a Bill of Materials, including full version control and audit trail capability.
  • Track costs over time.
  • Use different options for set sub-assembly builds, builds from stock or a combination with multiple units of measure.
  • Maintain control of stock and goods.
  • Get accurate costs for each unit or build run.
  • Receive full batch and serial number traceability.
  • Specify structures for different sub-assemblies and components using lists, including ability to specify raw materials, components and processes for that Bill of Materials.
  • Easily estimate production capabilities, using the trial kitting tool to check whether you have sufficient stock to build the Bill of Materials required.